‘Wee Matter’ – Samantha Wortelhock

‘Wee Matter’ – Samantha Wortelhock

This painting depicts pteropods, also known as sea angels

About the Artist:
The art of Samantha Wortelhock – whether fine-art paintings or large public murals – is naïve, untutored, purely instinctive. She is an artist because she is a dreamer and storyteller.

As a child she was enchanted by her dream life. She wrote her lucid impressions on scraps of paper and kept them close. They later rewarded her with visions for her paintings, and she quickly came to trust in them.

In January, 1988, the year of bicentenary, Sam left the UK to travel to Australia, lured by stories of a primordial land and an ancient culture, and encouraged by a partner who had spent an idyllic childhood in Sydney.

She found the city seemingly devoid of Aboriginality, yet the coastal landscape captivated her eager spirit and spoke of a hidden secret.

In Woollahra she met her future husband, artist Damien Naughton, whose spirit and love of nature educated and coloured her world. Living among the successful artists of the Naughton Studio of Naïve Art gave her the idea that she could paint her dreams.

And so Sam started to paint – each night “requesting” a dream that would lead to a painting. On the night of her 22nd birthday, she dreamt her first painting, Balance. It was to become the blueprint for a collection of art that has captivated, educated and inspired many disparate groups of people to look more closely into Aboriginality and the value of preserving our natural world – intricate chronicles full of humour, insight and respect.

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