‘Kelp’ – Melissa Bixby

‘Kelp’ – Melissa Bixby

“I served as the onboard education & communication specialist for a research cruise on board the R/V Atlantis and DSV Alvin with Dr. George Luther of the University of Delaware in the spring of 2017. I pulled together a 4K highlight video of footage taken during the cruise’s 15 dives in DSV Alvin down to the hydrothermal vent communities 2500+ meters deep, which I set to music produced by one of ship’s crew members. We have that available to view as a short (11 minute) HD digital video. It can be viewed online here: https://youtu.be/oG7kY0K1rK4”

– About Melissa –
Melissa Bixby was born and raised in Soldotna, Alaska. Her fascination with sea creatures began with trips to the beach and tidal pools in places where nature was nearly untouched and awe inspiring, such as Alaska’s China Poot Bay, Cook Inlet and Seward.
Since completing her undergraduate work in Sculpture and earning her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Idaho, Melissa once again found her way back to the ocean in Port Townsend. Though she has put sculpture on the back burner for the time being, Melissa has been able to continue her creative expression through abstract, simplified and vibrant depictions of some of her favorite ocean dwelling creatures.
She has found the same physicality in her interpretation of “batik” (fabric painting) which was what originally drew her to sculpture. Through the use of large sweeping strokes, bright blended colors and defining textures, she shares her vision. Melissa hopes to inspire in others the same love and appreciation that she possesses for the undersea world.
Melissa has found her path, her love and her home in Port Townsend and is happy to be, once again, surrounded by the ocean, mountains and natural world that inspires her work.

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