Daniel Kohn

‘Water Light Triptych’ – Daniel Kohn

I am a painter, but would like you to think of painting and research in the same breath.

As an artist I am used to making leaps of intuition towards new spaces of artistic inquiry, and the most recent of these leaps occured in November 2016 when I attended “Discovering the Deep Blue Sea” an NAS conference which brought together a diversity of scientists, technologist, artists and educators, to focus their attention on the Mesopelagic zone. The working group on the microbiome and biodiversity of which I was part, came up with the fascinating overarching question: Does the Ocean have Memories? In other words, can we use the metaphor of memory to ask questions differently about the biological and physical ocean systems? And how can interdisciplinary collaborations – including artmaking – lead to new ways of seeing and telling the stories about the ocean?

Research of this kind is a way to ask questions, and today it is all the more urgent that we ask questions of the world we live in, that we search for a way through the gauntlet we have created.

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